How to Determine The Right Time For Car Detailing

The industry of luxury car service in Valley Stream NY often shows signs of the rise and falls. In some parts of the year, demand rockets up, while some months go pretty dry. Why exactly does that happen? Experts working at such service stations have discovered that there are periods in a calendar year where car washes get preference over car detailing services.

luxury car service in Valley Stream NY

The key differences between a car wash and car detailing in Valley Stream NY

  1. Car washing is a part of car detailing

An unassuming way to distinguish car detailing from a car wash is by saying that if one goes for a car detailing session, the person will certainly get a car wash but it does not happen the other way around! This is why a car detailing session is much more complicated than the regular old car wash. Be it engaging the car in a session of car shampoo wash or cleaning the entire interior portion of the car, car detailing sessions are much more comprehensive.

The key difference – Engaging a vehicle in a session of car detailing in Valley Stream NY will certainly give the car an overall sense of cleanliness and a better glow than what a regular old car wash would do. Car washes are only for cleaning the exterior of a car whereas car detailing works both for the interior and exterior.

  1. Detailing is the work of experienced professionals

Each worker working at any luxury car service in valley stream NY is surely a qualified and trained person with years of experience working with luxury cars. On the other hand, anyone with a bucket of water, some cleaning agents, a scrubber and some time on his hand can qualify as a car wash provider.

In this modern day and age where affording a car is a great task for an average individual, maintaining it becomes highly crucial. Perhaps not everyone can afford a full-service car wash; however, taking proper care of a car is essential. Hence, before going in for a car detailing service, the car owner needs to be certain about some things such as –

  • the age of the car
  • when the car was last detailed
  • whether or not the car is suited for deep cleaning
  • the type of dirt or dust that needs to be gotten rid of
  • the budget
  • what kind of chemicals can be used on the car
  • what material the seats are made of
  1. Car detailing offers more care than car washes

A provider of luxury car service in valley stream NY will certainly take care of the car in a much better fashion than a standard car wash. The risks that taking a car for a session of detailed car cleaning in valley stream NY surely don’t include the ones that a standard car wash entails, the ones such as –

  • Getting scratches on the exterior
  • Inconsistent cleaning spots
  • Marks from cleaning agents
  • Poor smell due to use of low-quality substances

Best time to go for car detailing in Valley Stream NY

Going for a luxury car service in valley stream NY is not always possible. Here are some of the best times to go in for a car detailing session –


Summers are great for car detailing mainly because of the extended availability of sunlight. Waxing all through the dry weather permits the wax to dry out before it leaves that protective shield on the car.

Recommendations for car detailing in the summers –

  • use UV protective products to screen the interior to constrain cracking and fading
  • detail the exterior windows by putting on paint sealant or wax to permit a benign and faster drive throughout the rainy months


To dodge the lethal effects of winter, it is recommended to get the car detailed during the fall or before winter starts so that the exterior does not have to deal with frosting.

Equipped with a skilled team of experts who deal with numerous cars throughout the day, Valley Stream Car Wash provides luxury car service in Valley Stream NY, along with other car detailing services. The company is currently active in Valley Stream, North Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Rosedale, Laurelton, Woodmere, and areas near Malvern in New York.

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