Advantages of brushless car wash

Ever since the introduction of the brushless car wash in Valley Stream NY, customers have been flocking in to try out this new advancement in the car wash industry. The previously used machines with big brushes have been notorious to cause harm to the paint of the car. Brushless car washes correspondingly abolish the requirement for a human to wash the car because the entire procedure of automated brushless arrangement has been established to solve issues with the human wash.

brushless car wash in Valley Stream NY

How a brushless car wash in Valley Stream NY functions

Although the process behind a brush-free car wash is complicated and consists of several steps, it is considerably swift and delivers exemplary results. Here’s the step by step process –

Step 1 – The touchless car wash gear initially must wet the vehicle since it is not possible to put layers of soap and other cleaning agents on a dry and murky car.

Step 2 – The arrangement of equipment, involving sprays and pipes will move around the vehicle with low-pressure jets.

Step 3 – Car wash soap is then used on the exterior portions of the vehicle. The arrangement of equipment passes through all portions of the vehicle and sprigs the soap all across the car. The soap is then given a short time period to immerse in the exterior portions of the car, in the meantime, the soaping process takes place in other parts of the vehicle.

Step 4 – The jets then convert into high-pressure power-washers, which clean the layers of soap off the exterior portions of the vehicle. This step ensures that all the unwanted elements – the dirt, grime, spots, dust particle, etc., are taken off the car.

In case there is an excess of dirt and grime on the car, this step can be repeated in a touchless car wash. The time period needs to be extended and a longer car wash period can take care of almost any amount of dirt on a car.

Step 5 – Subsequently, the car wash without brushes consists of a process of putting the wax on. The tires are cleaned in a manner similar to that applied to the other portions of the car; however, special cleaners are used to do so.

Step 6 – With the use of high-pressure air blowers, similar to those used in a standard laser car wash, the car is left to dry off. Use of high-pressure air blowers ensures that there are no watermarks left on the paint of the car.

The advantages brushless car wash in Valley Stream NY has brought
  • Time Saving – The process is fairly quick. In this day and age, no one has the time to wait even for 30 minutes, let alone for an hour to have the car washed. The car owner merely has to drop into the car wash, see his or her car go into the system and in a matter of minutes – the car will be as good as new.
  • No chance of the car facing car wash damages – The bristles of a brush, if not properly applied, may cause good amount of damage to the car. The brushes used in hand wash systems can cause –
  • The paint to come off.
  • Scratches on the exterior of the car. Many times, these scratches are so minute that they are irreparable.
  • The color of the paint can appear to be worn-off after extensive brushing.

The procedure of brushless car wash in Valley Stream NY has been successful because it promises to cause no damage to the car.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it can cost more than the traditional method. Moreover, since it is a completely machine-based task, many people complain that the process lacks a ‘human touch’. But otherwise, this method is great if bringing back your car to life.

Valley Stream Car Wash NY offers economical service option like the a-la-carte menu along with the best of equipment to carry out the best brushless car wash in Valley Stream NY. The company has professionally trained and experienced employees who make sure that the machinery delivers the highest quality service possible. This car wash service provider is presently active in Valley Stream, North Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Rosedale, Laurelton, Woodmere, and areas near Malvern in New York.

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