Advantages and Disadvantages of Drive-thru car wash

It is a fact that drive-thru car washes have been a blessing to car owners who do not want explicit detailing, rather, a quick solution. The concept of a drive-thru car wash in valley stream NY has been a fortunate thing in the city, especially due to the busy lifestyle of the city’s residents. A drive-thru car wash is basically a driveway equipped with devices and different kinds of sprays. A car in need of cleaning simply has to drive through this lane and these sprays automatically carry out a routine set of actions which help in cleaning up the car.

drive-thru car wash in valley stream NY

Why drive-thru car wash in valley stream NY has been widely accepted  

  • Saves Water – It may seem hard to believe that an alleyway filled with high powered hoses shooting streams of water can actually conserve water, but a standard modern-day car wash center usually has methods of collecting water that is used in the process. The water is collected through a drainage system. Then, the water is stored and cleaned to be used again.
  • Time Saving – Car owners who are on a strict time crunch prefer this method of fast-paced auto detailing as it only takes up a few minutes. Instead of dropping a car off and then waiting for it to be manually inspected and cleaned, the car is cleaned and ready to go instantly, which for a busy city like New York, is quite suitable.
  • Cost Effective – Overall, a manual cleaning session takes up a lot of human effort, plus, there are a lot of specific products involved in that process. These products are costly and can boost up the bill quite a lot. Contrary to popular belief, a drive-thru car wash in valley stream NY is actually a cheaper option. A basic washing session on an average costs less than $10. Several car washes even offer monthly packages where the car owner can get a number of washes at a discounted price.

Resolving all skepticism about drive-thru wash

There are a number of advocates for the old-style manual car detailing services and they have their own reasons for it –

  • Suspicion of poor quality products – Nowadays, simply searching the words “drive thru car wash near me”, results in scores of this drive-thru car wash establishments coming up in the results. Many people believe that the reason why these businesses are rising in number is that the investment that they make into it is not good enough. There are suspicions of low-quality products being used. In many cases, damages to the car paint have been found, re-establishing people’s skepticism about these car washes.
  • Scratches and other damages – Damages like swirls and scratches have been found on a consistent basis on a car. This, however, depends a lot on the quality of the car, along with the provider and the establishment’s track record of past services provided. Most car owners blame it on improper techniques used by the machines installed. When inspected closely in sunlight, spots and scratches have been found on cars.

To avoid falling prey to these disadvantages, here are some basic precautionary steps –

  • Make sure that the car wash center is trustworthy. It is easy to verify the credibility of a drive-thru car wash in valley stream NY on the internet.
  • Make sure the process is brushless – Brushes tend to damage a car’s finish.
  • No need for trying out additional features without knowing what they exactly are. They might not be value for money.
  • Make sure to double check the condition of the vehicle, before leaving the car wash.

If these precautions are taken, a drive-thru car wash can be a profitable service to avail for a car owner.

Valley Stream Car Wash NY has a skilled team of pros who deal with a countless number of cars on a regular basis. Proving itself to be the best drive-thru car wash in valley stream NY, the provider guarantees that the vehicles are fully cleaned and not harmed in any way, even if the clients are operating on a low budget. The company is presently active in Valley Stream, North Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Rosedale, Laurelton, Woodmere, and areas near Malverne in New York.

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