How to keep your car seat clean and hygienic

Keeping the car seats fresh and clean is a vital task, not only for sanitary reasons but also to keep a car in top condition, just in case the owner wants to resell it in the future. Nevertheless, a lot of car owners overlook this tiny yet crucial detail. But then again, it’s essentially an effortless task and with a handful of simple products, it is not that difficult to make car seats appear to be brand new. This is why car seat wash in Valley Stream NY has been a popular pick for customers for a long time.

car seat wash in Valley Stream

The rising popularity of car seat wash in Valley Stream NY

Since cleaning up the insides of the car, especially the seats, is a task which many car owners find hard, they tend to avoid it. However, due to this avoidance, germs start building up. Here are the top three reasons why a car seat needs regular cleaning –

  • Germ Build up in the car seats can cause irritation to the skin. The car owner could be unaware of what kinds of germs and particles are being brought into his or her car. Getting a skin rash or an allergy is a possible outcome.
  • Odor – Experts conducting car seat wash in Valley Stream NY have reported that a bad smell from car seats is definitely one of the most undesirable traits in an automobile. It is normal for car seats to start smelling bad when they are not cleaned properly because of the germ build up along with other factors such as stains, sweat, etc.
  • Car Safety – Although getting a car wash or cleaning the car seats do not bear a direct reaction to the safety of the driver while driving, on some level having a clean car and clean car seats do make way for a better driving experience. Elements which are invisible to the naked eye for example mites, germ and bacteria that latch on to the car seats and also to the mats, can cause all sorts of unpleasantness.

How to clean different types of car seats

1 –Find out what kind of material or leather the car seats are made up of

Before jumping into the cleaning up process, the car owner needs to be exactly sure about the material of the car seats. Whether or not it’s leather, and if so, then what kind of leather? These are the questions that first need to be addressed. This step is important because there is a different technique of cleaning for different types of car seats. Asking an expert is the most advisable thing to do. Experts conducting car seat wash in Valley Stream NY can tell just by looking at the seats, what exactly the type of material it is made with.

2 – Use specific auto detailing products dedicated especially to car seats

Don’t use silicone-based, wax-based or oil-based products to clean leather seats. Make sure to dodge materials that comprise of acids and salts, as they have the potential to destroy leather seats and even cause considerable harm to the regular seats, making them rough. For leather seats, it is best to apply leather cleaning product and conditioners that are explicitly formulated to be used on leather. It is a technique used by car service specialists.

3- Technique

  • Spray the leather cleaner on the exterior of the seat.
  • After some time, use a wet piece of cloth to run the foam into the leather.
  • As soon as the product has disappeared from the exterior of the leather, wait for it to dry-off.
  • After this process is completed, moisturize the car seat to maintain its shine.

Car detailing of the highest quality!

Boasting a well-informed team of professionals, who deal with several vehicles every day of the week, providing services like car seat wash in Valley Stream NY, Valley Stream Car Wash NY uses effective techniques along with the best equipment to deliver the best customer experience possible. This service provider is presently active in Valley Stream, North Valley Stream, Lynbrook, Rosedale, Laurelton, Woodmere, and areas near Malvern in New York.

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