Why the hand car wash method is not preferred?

Given the current upsurge in hand car wash in Valley Stream NY, it has become really difficult to say which of the two- hand or automatic car washes- is more preferred. The whole matter is subjective. This is especially because one has to consider the factors of both convenience and time. Nevertheless, what one makes up for with time is gone in the damage that may happen to their car’s finish after a round of automatic car wash gone wrong.

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The advantages of hand car wash in Valley Stream NY

There are some recent success stories of hand car wash, and this has been down for the following reasons:

  • An amateurish session of hand washing is perceived to be much more effective when it comes to getting rid of dirt and grime, compared to automatic washes.
  • In order to achieve suitable exterior care, hand washing is just the primary step. Waxing claying and polishing are the ideal steps that need to be taken next. According to experts at Valley Stream car service, these supplementary procedures help to eliminate rooted pollutants, in addition to restoring the sheen of a damaged finish. Hand washing is perfect to recognize such difficulties, in addition to giving the capacity to pay extra attention to troubled spots.
  • For luxurious or antique vehicles, hand washing is absolutely worth the extra hassle. Since a majority of automatic washes employ techniques like air drying, they tend to form a residue of water spotting and external scratching.

Why automatic car wash scores over

However, opting for hand car wash in Valley Stream NY may have some disadvantages too, which once can tide over by going for the automatic wash.

  • Time Factor – Getting a car automatically washed and cleaned is so simple. One just has to look up ‘best auto detailing near me’, submit the vehicle, and voila – within minutes the process is over. Hand washing, on the other hand, will probably take over three or four hours of a vehicle owner’s time.
  • Expert Guidance Required – Opting for hand car wash in Valley Stream NY is a viable option, but not all car wash services offer that option. If an amateur is the owner of a vehicle, he or she should probably trust the experts handling the automatic car wash process, over his or her own skills. Using a wrong material to hand wash a car may seriously damage the vehicle’s exterior.

The Basic Differences between Hand Car Wash and Automated Car Wash

  • Hand Car Wash is obviously more cost-effective.
  • An automated car wash does not require any effort on the vehicle owner’s end. Simply search for ‘car detailing near me’ and hand it over to the experts. With advanced technology being used by many automated car-wash service providers across the country, there is a lesser chance of the mechanism damaging a car’s exterior.
  • Hand Car Washing is a healthier way for a car owner to get to know his or her vehicle better.
  • In automated car washes, there is an absence of instant and detailed contact with the car. This may impair the overall result as certain details and areas may be missed, giving way to a gradual growth in dust and dirt residue.

Both the processes have their faults. Ideally, an owner should clean his vehicle on his own. However, busy schedules do not permit that, making automated car washes, an extremely viable option.

Valley Stream Car Wash NY – Settling for Perfection

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